Air dehumidifier DDH 20-1

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Air Naturel - Air dehumidifier DDH 20-1
Air dehumidifier DDH 20-1
Air dehumidifier DDH 20-1
Air dehumidifier DDH 20-1
Air dehumidifier DDH 20-1
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The Air Dehumidifier DDH 20-1 is ideal for small rooms up to 20 sqm. Efficient, quiet and compact! 2 year warranty.
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Product Features:

The quiet fuctioning air dehumidifier DDH 20-1 is intended for small spaces, sizes up to, 20 m², for areas such as the bedroom, kitchen, wardrobe and pantry. It is also suitable for boats and caravans.

Comes with its 12V tranformer. To be used in a room where the temperature is above 9°C.

. Works using the Peltier effect

. Intelligent sensor: automatically stops when the tank is full, with an absorption capacity of 0.6 litres per day

. Includes a continuous drainage hose that can leave the unit on continuously without having to empty the tank.

. Small and easy to move

. Low energy consumption


Technology: Peltier heat pump

Suitable for: Office, bedroom, living room, kitchen, wardrobe, pantry, boats, caravans...

Surface max.: 20 m²

Dehumidification: 600 mL / day

Tank capacity: 2.2L

Noise level: 37 dB

Power usage: 65 W

Colour: Lacquered black

Dimensions: 14 x 36 x 23 cm

Weight: 2.4 kg

Warranty: 1 year


User Guidelines:

Daily maintenance :

. Before using the product, disconnect the mains, empty the water in the tank and rinse with clean water. This action must be performed each time the tank is emptied in order to eliminate limescale.

. The tank must also be dried with paper towels.

Weekly maintenance :

. Check that the back grill is not dusty. If necessary, clean with a dry brush or a vacuum cleaner.


About Air Naturel:

Air Naturel's business philosophy:

. Practical with a stylish design
. Affordable cutting edge innovation
. Clean air should be a human right (Blueair)
. Striving to make our products available to everyone, improving indoor air quality on a daily basis

People buy Air Naturel products because they are of a high quality yet affordable, with advance technical qualities and a stylish design.

Air Naturel is commited to offering the most up-to-date and advance products.

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Customer reviews: (25 reviews)

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