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Airfree's goal is to combine the best technology and design, to create innovative solutions for indoor air, whether for health reasons, comfort or to increase productivity. Airfree products provide clean fresh healthy indoor atmosphere!

Airfree air purifiers require little maintenance. No filter or accessories to change and they generate very little waste!

TSS technology is completely silent. Airfree air purifiers works without ventaliteur or engine. They consume less energy than a 60W bulb. Easy to use and carry, Airfree air purifiers weigh less than 2 kg each and have a minimum footprint. They do not produce any ions and help to reduce the concentration of ozone in the atmosphere.

Discover clean air and a fresher indoor environment at Greenweez with the Airfree product range!

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Airfree - P150 Air Purifier
372,90 €
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Airfree - P60 Air Purifier
216,81 €
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Airfree - P125 Air Purifier
306,90 €
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Airfree - P80 Air Purifier
250,08 €