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On bread you can taste the red palm. When heated, your dishes will have a milder taste. Red Palm is very low in PFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids), which makes this kind of cooking oil very stable at high temperatures (when heated). PFA-rich sunflower-, soybean- and groundnut oil should NOT be heated. Heat food no higher than 170 to 180 °C. Red Palm is less suited for repeated deep-frying, but single use is just fine.
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Price per liter: 38,72 €/liter

Product description

Price per liter: 38,72 €/liter

Product features :

. Increases the body’s resistance to infection and disease(anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-protozoic)

. Combats ageing and reduces oxidative stress

. Increases the absorption of calcium

. Protects the linings of the stomach and intestines

. Supports the growth of beneficial intestinal flora

. Adds flavour to your meals

. Reduces hunger pangs

Fry the healthy way!

Only 11% PFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids)

0% Trans fats
0% Refined
0% Deodorized

About Amanprana :

Amanprana is a range of products that supports and strengthens our life energy serenely without harming our body or mind. In short: gently and without excess.

Amanprana does not believe in the ‘magic pill’. Amanprana is always organic and vegetarian. Attention is also paid to healthy ecological packaging. We prefer glass over plastic, as it is better for the environ ment, your health and the taste. Whenever possible we print with vegetable inks and on ecological paper.

At Amanprana we believe in the whole and not in the separate parts. Our products are therefore processed as little as possible and we do not use isolates. Isolates are chemically or naturally fabricated isolated substances that will never be capable of equalling the whole. We do not, for example, add isolated vitamin E but use red palm and wheat germ oil as rich natural sources of vitamin E.

At Amanprana we are aware of Hippocrates’ wise words: ‘Let nutrition be your medicine and medicine your nutrition.’


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