10 Toilet descaler tablets 250g - Arcy Vert

Arcy Vert - 10 Toilet descaler tablets 250g
10 Toilet descaler tablets 250g
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Price per kilo: 21,20 €/kilo
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The descaling tablets for toilets, certified by ECOCERT! Descales and removes deep dirt, without harsh chemicals and leaves your toilet with a refreshing scent. 10 tablets 250gr.

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Price per kilo: 21,20 €/kilo

Product Features  :

- Toilet descaling product

- Box containing 10 Tablets

- Active natural ingredients with natural processes

- Highly effecient with excellent results!

- Product not tested on animals

- Packaging: 85 % recycled material and is 100% recyclable


• Citric acid> 30%
• Sodium carbonate 5-15 %
• oxygen bleaching agents < 5 % ( sodium percarbonate ) , Cellulose , rapeseed oil , glycerin .
• Fragrance essential oil Orange Orange Brazil and Florida Valencia after natural farming . Limonene .
User Guideline :

- Remove the ARCYVERT tablet packaging, tear bag. Put the tablet directly into the toilet.

- Leave tablet to take effect for least 30 minutes. The recommened time to descale using this product is to place the tablet in the toilet at night or before you go to bed so it can work overnight.

- Take the toilet brush and scrub with water to obtain ensure it has cover whole toilet and toilet has had a good clean. Product will remove tartar and give whiten the bowl.

- Store in a cool place

- Keep out of the reach of children!

- Avoid contact with skin and eyes!

About Arcy Vert

Arcy Vert was established in 1979 by Daniel Mauban a leader in ecological household cleaning products. Arcy Vert designs its products using active ingredients that are environmentally-friendly: This is why Arcy Vert introduced the "Bacterial-enzyme" range, it has a mostly natural effective formula that has remain unchanged to date. Efficient natural cleaning power!

The range has since expanded with more products that the user can rely on; bio products that are not harsh on us or the environment!

With 40 years of experience, Arcy Vert remain focused on product effectiveness and taking care of the environment.
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