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The Beliflor natural henna colouring powder is a natural and effective way to dye your hair, its formula is 100% vegetable based. It offers beautiful shiny colour and also has a volumizing, strengthening and nourishing effect. Cleanses the scalp and reduces and helps prevent dandruff. Colour: auburn - Shiraz henna powder. Beliflor for naturally beautiful and healthy hair.
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Product description

Price per kilo: 55,92 €/kilo

Product Features:

- Natural henna colouring powder

- Natural dye form: powder

- Capacity: 150g

- Colour: Auburn

- Shiraz henna: Homemade Iranian henna powder.

- Made from 100% natural plants: made ​​from powders of plants including traditional henna, Lawsonia inermis, rubia tinctorum.*

*100% of ingredients are from Organic Farming

- The natural Shiraz colouring henna powder, is the natural way to get a fresh new beautiful, shiny and healthy colour! A natural colour that will reinvigorate dull and damaged hair.

- Rich in tannin for damaged hair.

- No synthetic surfactants or perfume.

- Henna has a natural volumizing effect!

- Effective covering on the first application!

- Cleanses the scalp, helps reduce and prevents dandruff: recommended for oily hair.

- A natural semi-permanent dye powder that does not damage the hair!


- Certified Organic, with the ICEA label: Founding member along with Ecocert, Cosmébio HIDB, SOIL ASSOCIATION future LABEL COSMOS


User Guidelines:

- Dissolve the powder in hot water until you have a thick paste.

- Add a little oil (olive / argan) if the hair is dry, lemon juice can also be added (So that the hair take to the colour better, for longer lasting colour). It is also possible to enrich the mixture with natural yogurt, the pH is slightly acidic and will match better with the pH of the hair, it also gives a creamy texture to the paste.

- Wear rubber gloves and apply this paste strand by strand throughout the hair.

- Wear a plastic cap (to prevent it from dripping on face and neck etc).

- Treatment time : 120 minutes on wet hair.

- Finally, rinse hair thoroughly until al the henna is completely washed out then gentlly shampoo.

- For a more intense result, repeat the process 48 hours later.

- The colouring powder is not permanent, the colouring process if desired must therefore be repeated once colour starts to fade (after a long period of time).

About Beliflor

Beliflor has always designed its range of colouring products to be kind and gentle to hair while ensuring the greatest results. That's why Beliflor were one of the first to ban ammonia and lead salts in their colouring & dye products.

The Beliflor slogan demonstrates their commitment to healthy hair: "Natural health and beauty for hair". Beauty products and dyes produced by Beliflor are made with almost all natural organic ingredients and plant extracts, and are free from harmful substances like ammonia.


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