'Balance' Madeleine Cake x8

 - Bio Soleil
Bio Soleil - 'Balance' Madeleine Cake x8
'Balance' Madeleine Cake x8

Delicious French pastry for a true moment of pleasure! 180g

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3,68 €
Quantity :
Price per kilo: 20,45 €/kilo

Price per kilo: 20,45 €/kilo

Product features:

- No palm oil

- Ingredients from organic agriculture

- 100% organic

Preservation: 4 months

Weight: 180g

Origin: France

Ingredients: eggs * (31%), T65 wheat flour, raw cane sugar *, olive oil * (12%), wheat syrup *, natural flavour * organic vanilla, baking powder (cream of tartar, baking sodium), soy lecithin *, unrefined sea salt, lemon essential oil *

* Agricultural ingredients from organic farming - Certified by Ecocert SAS - F32600

Nutritional values ​​per 100g: Theoretical average energy per 100g serving: 355 kcal / 1490 Kj; Protein (g): 6.7; Carbohydrate (g): 49.5 Fat (g): 16.2

Allergens: Presence: egg, gluten, soy. Possible traces: milk, sesame, nuts, peanuts.

About Bio Soleil:

Around the late 70s, in the heart of a natural region, an artisan ahead of his time who lived in harmony with his environment invented his cookie recipes, including the famous macrobiotic cookies, and created the Biosoleil brand.
In 1985, when the AB label was created, Biosoleil had already long been on the shelves of organic grocery stores.
In 1991, BIO SOLEIL settled in Annecy, a commune located in the RhĂ´ne-Alpes region in south-eastern France.

From the beginning the company has claimed its independence, sense of traditional values, and its commitment to the organic industry, its different role-players and to the consumers.

For over 30 years, Bio Soleil has created, developed and enhanced hundreds of recipes for the whole family to enjoy!
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