• Bisson

Bisson, the organic biscuit pioneer !

Bisson, simple recipes, the mild effect of honey, back to basics!

Bisson doesn't use eggs or dairy products, but puts the accent on unrefined ingredients such as brown sugar and semi-wholemeal flour

All ingredients are organic and Bisson has solid artisanal know-how.

Bisson products satisfy our want both for sweetness and healthfood!

Produits de la marque Bisson
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Bisson - Honey/Cocoa Chocolate Biscuits 300g
2,90 €
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(50 reviews)
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Bisson - Organic Chocolate and Grains Breakfast Biscuits 210g
3,12 €
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(21 reviews)
Bisson - Butter/Dark Chocolate Cookies 150g
3,51 €
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Bisson - Artisanal Gingerbread 250g
5,67 €
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Bisson - Honey and Cinammon Speculoos 175g
2,78 €
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Bisson - Lemon Biscuits 175g
3,51 €