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BRITA is internationally renowned for its expertise in the field of drinking water optimisation.  It was the first to invent the water filter jug more than 45 years ago!

Nutrition experts recommend to drink 2 liters of water a day. The quality of the water that we drink can have a major impact on our health and well-being. With a wide range of products, BRITA allows consumers to make their lifestyle and daily choices more conscious.

BRITA patented technology reduces limescale and impurities that impair taste in drinking water quickly and easily!

Filter cartridges, raw materials and end products are verified and tested on a continuous basis in accordance with defined quality requirements and are also inspected by independent bodies in order to guarantee the high quality of BRITA products.

Moreover, the company  tries to avoid waste and make an effort to fully recycle all its products.

With BRITA products, turn water into a great tasting drink!

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    Brita - Tap Water Filter Cartridge 4 Pack
    68,32 €
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    Brita - Maxtra Water Filter Cartridge 5 Pack + 1 Free
    28,49 €
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    (41 reviews)
    Brita - Maxtra Water Filter Cartridges 12 Pack
    63,90 €
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    Brita - Maxtra filter catridges Pack of 3 + 1 extra free!
    21,96 €
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    Brita - Elemaris Meter water Filter Jug
    41,93 €
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    (5 reviews)
    Brita - 2 On-Tap Cartridges
    43,91 €
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    (13 reviews)
    Brita - Elemaris Meter XLWater Filter
    42,98 €
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    (8 reviews)
    Brita - Fjord Water Filter Jug
    32,00 €