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Cristel's success has extended far beyond its borders. Its clever combination of quality and concept, design and functionality, know-how and excellence appeals to the most exacting international markets.

Thanks to its innovative policy and high quality standards Cristel has become a reference in the Art of Living from Tokyo to Sao Paulo, Hong Kong to London and from Saint Barthelemy to Taipei, where Cristel's qualities delight in complementing the flavours of the world.

Cristel exports its products to some thirty countries throughout the globe. Present in most of the most prestigious department stores in Asia, Cristel is also sold by the greatest Culinary and Tableware specialists, which means that a thousand customers are busy disseminating their philosophy and culture throughout all continents.

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    Cristel - Removable Mutine Handle
    22,64 €
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    Cristel - Glass lid 24cm
    39,12 €
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    Cristel - Glass lid 22cm
    36,73 €
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    Cristel - Mutine removable handle
    16,94 €
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    Cristel - Glass lid 16cm
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    Cristel - Glass lid 18cm
    31,97 €
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    Cristel - Glass lid 20cm
    34,33 €
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    Cristel - Mutine frying pan
    144,32 €
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    Cristel - Removable Zenith handle
    34,01 €