25 Dishwasher tablets - Ecover

Ecover - 25 Dishwasher tablets
25 Dishwasher tablets
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Price per kilo: 12,52 €/kilo
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The Ecover dishwasher tablets uses a New Formula, for an even better clean!

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Price per kilo: 12,52 €/kilo

Product Features:

- Improved Formula: deep degreacing properties

- Hygienic Cleaning

- Free of petrochemical ingredients

- Leaves no chemicals on your dishes

- Suitable for vegans

- Minimal impact on aquatic life

- Not tested on animals

Ingredients: 5-15 % oxygen bleaching agent, <5% non- ionic surfactants based on vegetable raw materials, <5%: Enzymes (non-GM guarantees)

Packaging materials:
The box is made ​​of 95% recycled paper.
The polyethylene sheet protects the pellets from moisture.
Polyethylene is 100% recyclable.

User Guideline:

- Dispose of leftover food

- Remove the packaging of the wafer sheet and place in the dosing compartment of your dishwasher. 1 tablet is enough for a full dishwasher.

- If necessary add Ecover Liquid Rinse and regenerating salt

- It is best to hand wash , with Ecover washing up liquid , crystal , vintage crockery, china, silverware, aluminum pans and cutlery with wooden handles.

- Other ingredients: salt , silicate , citrate , polypeptides , bleach activator based on vegetable raw materials, fragrance of plant origin ( lemon).
PH:> 10.3 and < 11.3

About Ecover:

Ecover is one of the worlds largest producer of ecological detergents and eco-friendly cleaning and laundry products. Launched in Belgium in 1980, Ecover's progressive environmental policies place it at the forefront of developing environmentally friendly cleaning products like washing up liquids and household cleanersas well as personal care products.

Ecover brand offers quality products, with an elegant design , reasonable price , convenient to use and easy to find.

Ecover products are made from plant and mineral raw materials. The products are, non-toxic , safe and comply with your health. It uses 100% biodegradable materials and ingredients that are gentle on your skin.

Ecover opened the world’s first ecological factory in 1992, which provoked much media interest. If you share Ecover’s commitment to the planet and care for the environment, then Ecover's range of green products are the right choice for you!

User Guidelines:

For a clean and healthy dishes!

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