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Flamant Vert

Flamant Vert is the specialist brand of Spirulina.

Spirulina is a freshwater microalgae known for its excellent nutritional qualities. It is highly digestible and does not require cooking. Flamant Vert Spirulina is suitable for everyone from young children to sports lovers, teenagers to the elderly or pregnant women.

The Blue Algae Andean Spirulina is a high quality exclusively offered by Flamant Vert. It is produced in Ecuador where the climate is favorable and steady growth throughout the year.

The farming site is located 2500m above sea level in a preserved from pollution site.The product is produced according to the standard of ecological aquaculture Ecocert.

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Flamant Vert - Maca Bio (powder form). 150g
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Flamant Vert - Andes Spirulina 180 capsules 400mg
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Flamant Vert - GREENFIDUS, Prebiotic and Probiotic 30 sachets
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Flamant Vert - SpiruC (Spirulina + Acerola). 300 tablets
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