Wet Cat Food - Beef - 100g

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Forza 10 Bio - Wet Cat Food - Beef - 100g
Wet Cat Food - Beef - 100g
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Certified organic cat food
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Price per kilo: 15,29 €/kilo

Price per kilo: 15,29 €/kilo

Forza 10 Bio is a guarantee for quality, organically-certified ingredients.

Forza 10 Bio's Every Day Line comprises certified quality, nutiritionally-balanced and well-rounded products exempt from medication used in intensive farming

Wet Cat Food - Beef meets the strictest organic farming standards and was produced using beneficial ingredients to your cat's health.

Top Features:

. well-balanced and -rounded pet food

Product Features:

Ingredients : Meat and derivatives* (14% beef)*, mineral substances *100% organic ingredients. vitamins: vit. E 30mg/kg Oligoelements: pentahydrated copper sulfate 4mg/kg, zinc oxide 25mg/kg

*products from organic farming

Nutritional values : 806 kcal/kg – 3.4 MJ/kg

Weight : 100g

Origin : Italy

Labels & certifications : DNV ISO  9001:2008
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Customer reviews: (1 review)

Posted by Jacqueline on 2/9/17

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