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Discover an equitable range: buy healthy products made from sustainably-managed forests, recycled or recyclable materials, certified timber & support fair trade.
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You will find here everything you need to make your home eco-friendly and live in harmony with nature: bedroom furniture (bamboo duvet covers and pillows, organic bedding, organic mattresses), natural eco paint, eco-friendly furniture, air cleaning devices (air purifier, air humidifier), water saving devices and also eco-friendly cleaning products to keep your home green and clean (organic laundry detergents, microfibres, black soaps...).

Look no further: our light therapy products and dawn simulators will help you treat seasonal affective disorder and make you feel better during the winter season!

You will also find here everything to start an organic garden (organic seeds, gardening tools, watering systems…).

We also offer a wide selection of products for people who enjoy hiking or other outdoor activities in harmony with nature: solar showers, solar backpacks, dynamo powered radios, bike seats, trailers and many more!