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With the water purifier Heaven Fresh, you now have the ability to recreate a fresh pure water as fresh as water from the springs!

Product Features :

- The water purifier & Ioniser AK -900

- Water Ionization & purification system Heaven Fresh has been designed so as to reproduce a clean and pure water.

 - The revolutionary technology of water treatment, controlled by the microprocessor, it first filters water through a multistage mineral and a carbon filter, then the " revitalize " by controlling the levels of alkalinity.

- The regeneration, also known as the ionization is accomplished by passing water on the positive and negative electrodes. The different options can be used to produce alkaline water for drinking and preparing food, as well as acidic water for cleaning, cosmetic applications and watering plants.

- How green technology for eliminating plastic bottles (no need to buy bottled water), reduces emissions from landfills and saves energy

- self-cleaning electrodes, titanium coated with platinum, for a period of longer life and minimal maintenance

- pre- filtration system and multi-stage refining

- Ergonomic design and easy to install

- Warranty: 3 years

- Power consumption: 100 to 200 W

- Weight: 6.5 kg

- Dimensions: 12.4 cm H x 10.8 cm W x 5.5 cm D

- the water inlet pressure: 20-70 psi

- Max. water inlet : 35 ° C 5 ° C ( 40 ° F to 955 ° F )

- Output Flow : Max . 4 liters / min ( 0.9 gallons / min)

- Water Flow : flexible , swivel spout stainless steel

- Cleaning System : Automatic

- Health benefits:
• The water purifier accelerates the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the organism. Alkaline water and beneficial negative ORP facilitate the "chemistry of life" .
• Ionized alkaline water is able to quickly remove toxins and waste from your body's cells. This natural and effective purification property preserves the body plus anti-aging effect.
• Poor diet, stress, coupled with exposure to pollutants , increase the acidity levels and thus the risk of diseases associated with it. Alkaline water neutralizes revitalized these conditions and preserves the body 's balance, keeping its alkalinity, especially when it is associated with a healthy and balanced diet.
• Alkaline water revitalized negative ORP stimulates the digestive flora and digestion of food.

• Point of use: Counter or Wall
• Scope of ORP : - 400mV to +680 Mv
• pH Levels : Max . pH 10
• Electrolytic cell : titanium coated with platinum
• Lifetime filter : 12000 liters approx.
• Normal Filter : Filter micron three-storey
• Input Voltage: AC 110V 60Hz

• ORP meter incorporated waterproof display for measuring the redox potential (ORP)
• Level Adjustment redox potential (ORP)
• High throughput without loss of ORP or alkalinity
• Adjust colours based pH levels with sealed buttons
• Efficient and high capacity with low power consumption
• convenient self-cleaning function; reduces maintenance
• Counter with real-time display of flow of water and the life of the filter
• ORP meter incorporated waterproof display for measuring the redox potential ( ORP )
• Efficient and high capacity with low power consumption
• Flexible and mouth swivel flow
• Filter multi-stage coal and minerals, with a capacity of 12,000 L (supplied)

User Guideline :

- Installation:

• Simple and easy
• It can be mounted on wall or countertop (self-installation in minutes )

The replacement cartridges are also sold at Greenweez
The cleaning cartridge are also sold at Greenweez

About Heaven Fresh 

The Heaven Fresh air purifiers are approved and recommended by the American authorities (Ministry of Agriculture, Homeland Security). The simultaneous use of UV HEPA particulate filter is perfect for to neutralising and destroying bacteria and allergens.

No other air purifier offers more technologies to purify the air in a single product.
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