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Bright light therapy improves and maintains the health of your body and mind throughout the year!

In our modern world, we need to be permanently focused and efficient in order to reach high level of performance which can be a problem in low light and short days, especially during Winter months. While some animals hibernate, we must remain productive even when the lack of sunlight affects our mood and causes fatigue.

Designed, tested and manufactured in Finland, Innosol light therapy lamps imitate natural outdoor light, providing an independant source of energy that helps you fight the winter blues, also called SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). It has been scientifically proven that light therapy increases well-being! Moreover, Innosol bright light appliances have been granted medical device certification.

Whether in the office or at home, there is a functionnal and stylish Innosol light therapy lamp for each application!

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    Innosol - Light therapy lamp Lucia Mega
    264,77 €
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    Innosol - RONDO circular bright light therapy unit
    222,94 €
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    (10 reviews)
    Innosol - LUCIA bright light therapy lamp
    236,74 €
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    Innosol - Replacement Bulb for Light Therapy Lamp
    49,67 €
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    (41 reviews)
    Innosol - Light Therapy Lamp MESA MEGA
    309,03 €
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    (17 reviews)
    Innosol - Light Therapy Lamp MESA 160
    338,83 €
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    Innosol - JASMINA 435mm - Light Therapy
    273,90 €
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    Innosol - SUPERNOVA Light Therapy Lamp
    658,90 €
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    Innosol - KUBO SAD lamp bright light therapy
    385,18 €
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    Innosol - Manhattan Bright Light Therapy Lamp
    347,66 €
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    (5 reviews)
    Innosol - Replacement Bulb for Medi-light Lamp
    50,66 €
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    Innosol - Aurora stylish lamp with dimmer
    215,22 €
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    Innosol - AUREA Light therapy lamp with Dimmer
    284,79 €
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    Innosol - Boston twin desk lamp
    142,37 €