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3-Pack Nappy Bin Liners 26L Refills

 - Korbell
Korbell - 3-Pack Nappy Bin Liners 26L Refills
3-Pack Nappy Bin Liners 26L Refills
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Item number : 1KORB0009
3 pack of Nappy Bin liners 26L. Powder-scented liners, 100% biodegradable in landfills.
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Product Features:

- 3 Pack

- Refills 100% biodegradable

- Easy to refill

- Capacity: 26L, 330 diapers per refill

- Also available in 15L
About Korbell:

Korbell is made from heavy-duty ABS plastic, which is extremely durable, very easy to clean, and wholly resistant to odours. In contrast, other nappy pails are made of polypropylene, a less long-lasting material that is easily permeated by unpleasant smells.

Korbell’s liners are flexible and strong – as well as 100% biodegradable in landfills and made with 20% recycled materials. It’s the most environmentally-friendly nappy disposal system available!
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Customer reviews: (2 reviews)

Posted by Yael on 10/1/16

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Posted by Chrystel on 3/6/16

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