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Lascal develops and manufactures high-quality products that contribute to the security of children's environment: baby safety gates, pushchair ride-on platforms and baby front carriers.

Dedicated in protecting the environment, this Swedish company aims to carry out innovative projects using renewable and recycled materials in order to minimize its products' impact on the environment.

Lascal's focus is to provide creative solutions of the highest quality in both design and materials, to make family life easier!

For example, Lascal BuggyBoard will give you the perfect combination for stress-free outings! This stand-on platform attaches to your pushchair or pram, allowing an older brother or sister to ride along when he/she is too tired to walk.

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    Lascal - KiddyGuard Avant Safety Gate Black
    171,02 €
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    (27 reviews)
    Lascal - Maxi BuggyBoard Black
    83,88 €
    in stock
    (10 reviews)
    Lascal - KiddyGuard Avant Metal sides & White guard
    171,02 €
    Currently unavailable
    (12 reviews)
    Lascal - BuggyBoard Maxi Black & Red
    84,43 €
    Currently unavailable
    Lascal - KiddyGuard Assure Security Barrier
    129,69 €
    Currently unavailable
    (1 review)
    Lascal - KiddyGuard Bannister Installation Kit for Locking Strip
    20,76 €
    Currently unavailable
    Lascal - KiddyGuard Bannister Kit for Locking strip White
    23,17 €
    Currently unavailable
    (25 reviews)
    Lascal - Maxi BuggyBoard Blue
    84,43 €
    Currently unavailable
    (3 reviews)
    Lascal - Mini BuggyBoard Black 2015
    57,08 €
    Currently unavailable
    (8 reviews)
    Lascal - The Kiddy Guard Avant, Accent in white (mesh) guard
    143,42 €