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Since 1991, the British company Lumie has been researching and marketing light therapy lamps to treat fatigue and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Dawn simulators have emerged with Lumie! And they still are the most popular appliances among the company's range of wellness products.

Over the years, Lumie has worked closely with the scientific community. All Lumie products are high-quality medical devices and their design is based on published research.

Lumie products help you sleep well, get up in the morning, fight against jet lag and even look after your skin! You can now enjoy light therapy sessions wherever you are.

Lumie, to feel more positive and energetic every day!

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Lumie - Dawn Simulator replacement bulb 42W
8,72 €
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(13 reviews)
Lumie - Light therapy desklamp 2
188,62 €
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(73 reviews)
Lumie - Dawn Simulator Active 250
142,37 €
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(47 reviews)
Lumie - Dawn Simulator Starter 30
99,28 €
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(44 reviews)
Lumie - Brightspark SAD therapy lamp III
176,59 €
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(19 reviews)
Lumie - Arabica Light Therapy lamp
158,93 €
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(18 reviews)
Lumie - Brazil Light Therapy Lamp
229,57 €
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Lumie - Advanced 200 Globe Dawn simulator
40,28 €
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Lumie - LUMIE ZEST Light Therapy and Dawn Simulator
218,90 €