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Based in Auvergne, the Mint- E Laboratories offer cosmetics, health and beauty products that are effective and reputed in the field of alternative medicine, organic products and food supplements. The brand is distributed by Abiocom, which is like a parent company of  Mint- E. Abiocom has been specializing for over 10 years in the distribution of ecological and / or biological products.

Mint- E products combine different natural therapies (phytotherapy, aromatherapy, homeopathic compatible and Bach Flowers dilutions) for optimal synergy and unprecedented efficiency!

Its objective is to offer consumers a pioneering and innovative catalog to meet changing demand, alternative healthy natural therapies for all different needs. The majority of the R & D and most of its production takes place in Auvergne and the products are almost completely developed  from plants grown and harvested from organic crops.

Discover products like the Immuno 4, a new concept for immuno -stimulant that improves immune system and prevents colds, flu and infectious illnesses!

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Mint-E - Organic Imunno 4 - 60 capsules
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