Alcabase Mineral Salt Powder 250g

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Naturwaren - Alcabase Mineral Salt Powder 250g
Alcabase Mineral Salt Powder 250g
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The Alcabase powderis a dietary supplement designed to balance the acidity (pH) of the body. It helps emove toxins from the body and will ensure evryday well-being! Sold in powder form 250gr.
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Product Features :

- Alcabase powder: supplement

- Contains : 250g

- composition: 39.3% Sodium Citrate, Maltodextrin derived from potato 31.35%, 15% Calcium Citrate, Magnesium Citrate 11.6% Potassium Citrate 2.2%, 0.5% tricalcium phosphate, citrate Manganese 0.05%.

- Gluten-free & lactose-free

- This product contains no sugar, the excipient is maltodextrin (sugar from starch potato)

- Cleanses the body and helps get rid of toxins!

- Re-establishes healthy pH level of the body

Warning !

- This Product is a dietary supplement! cannot replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle!

- It cannot replace any medical treatment! If suffering from any ailment please seek medical advice and appropriate treatment, this product is not a medical treament!

- Keep out of reach of children!

- Do not exceed the recommended dose!

User Guideline :

- Take one to two teaspoons once or twice a day

About Naturwaren

Naturwaren is a registered Laboratory owned by Dr. Theiss offering products inspired by nature, a wide range of herbal products, food and food supplements for your well-being.

All the ingredients used are farmed using natural and traditional methods to preserve all the natural goodness.

The Manuka Honey which grows only in New Zealand, ingredients such as propolis and Alcabase, all products that encourage well-bieng and/or taste great!

Discover the virtures of the Naturwaren products, great taste, great herbal therapy, and great for the skin! Overall, products that are for your well-being and pleasure.
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Customer reviews: (14 reviews)

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