2 Lunchboxes 750ml

Preserve - 2 Lunchboxes 750ml
2 Lunchboxes 750ml
2 Lunchboxes 750ml
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Item number : 2PRES0010

Set of two lunchboxes, made from recycled yoghurt pots.

Estimated despatch date: 29/09
Delivery expected between 03/10 and 05/10
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Product Features:

- Durable.

- Modern and ergonomic design.

- Suitable for dishwashers, microwaves, and freezers.

- Recyclable.

Boxes: 2 x 750ml.

Colour: Apple green.

Material: 100% polypropylene from recycled yoghurt pots (BPA-, phtalate-, and melamine-free).


- European directive 2002/72/CE

About Preserve

Preserve offers a range of recyclable, eco-friendly products made ​​from recycled yoghurt pots.

Preserve offers quality products that are strong and durable, made ​​in the USA, and BPA-free.

Founded in 1996 near Boston, Preserve's aim is to responsibly reuse resources in the best way possible to create everyday products for everybody.
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Customer reviews: (13 reviews)

Posted by CamilleetDamien on 28/11/2016

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Posted by Danielle on 25/09/2016

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Posted by Eric on 17/07/2016

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Posted by MOMO on 27/10/2015

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Posted by bwlody on 29/11/2013

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Posted by Jean on 26/11/2013

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Posted by Mathurine on 25/11/2013

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Posted by Stella on 19/11/2013

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Posted by Perrot on 06/10/2013

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Posted by Coralie on 07/10/2012

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Posted by Isabelle on 27/08/2012

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Posted by Emmanuelle on 12/08/2012

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Posted by Christel on 14/06/2012

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