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Pural - Sultana Blonde Raisins
Sultana Blonde Raisins
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Price per kilo: 10,20 €/kilo
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Price per kilo: 10,20 €/kilo

Product features:

Sultana is a white grape of table grapes. It is widely cultivated in the world for the production of fresh grapes and preparation of raisins. The name evokes the vineyard of the sultan.

The grapes are enjoyable to eat fresh state as they have no seeds. The real destination is dried berries. They are easy to store in a dry state and easily transportable.

About Puraliment:

Puraliment is a century old French company based in Alsace. Warehouses, they are in Germany. Pural, the group has 150 employees including 21 in France.

The brand is committed to favor products tested and certified by international organizations or national organic certifications.

Pural always chooses Demeter ranges and prefer products from fair trade. Traceability of products is a daily concern.

Peckish? Come and discover the wide range of organic products from Pural (bio Pural nuts, vegetable pies, organic sweets, snacks bio Pural biscuits ...)!

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