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10 Ironing paper for iron beads

 - SES Creative
SES Creative - 10 Ironing paper for iron beads
10 Ironing paper for iron beads
10 ironing paper to use to creat your iron beads design! Suitable for children aged 5 and over.
Only 7 left in stock! Delivery expected between 29/03 and 31/03
4,30 €
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Product Features :

- Free from phthalates in accordance with the regulations.

- 10 ironing sheets of paper

- From 5 years

- Fun for children to enjoy with an adult present!


- This product cannot be used by children under 36 months!

- Product is not to be ingested: Choking hazard!

- To be useed under the supervision of an adult!

About Ses Creative

Ses Creative is the specialist in creative toys and develops a wide range of products.

Children is at the center of development of SES Creative products. Development during childhood is crucial for children, it is important that they have the possibility to discover and grow, while giving free rein to their creativity.

In addition to developing creativity, safety and quality of all SES Creative toys they also focuse on making sure that their products are: safe, washable, gluten-free, free from toxic hypoallergenic substances and harmless to animals.

With more than 40 years of experience and each year, more than 14 million satisfied customers in 70 countries! SES Creative is a brand with an ideal line of childrens products.
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