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Vitasil is a leading producer in silicon based bio-activated cosmetics and food supplement products.

The Vitasil brand offers two unique molecules in their products that are quickly absorbed by the body and/or skin which have several beneficial effects as these moluscules are rich in electrons and have antioxidant properties:

- The bio-activated silicon or silicium is made with a concentrated formula of silicon element which brings silicon to the core of cells thanks to its bio-activation. Used only in drinkable dietary supplements, in accordance with the new regulations in 2010.

- Organic bio-activated silicon or silicium has an optimal concentrated formula for a perfect body, mainly used in cosmetic products like the Vitasil body gels.

Discover Vitasil at Greenweez and try the range of silicon based bio-activated cosmetics and food supplement products, effective silicon based products!

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    Vitasil - Organic Silicium 3 x 500ml
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    Vitasil - Organic Silicium 1L
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    Vitasil - Anti-blemish Silicium Cream 30ml
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    Vitasil - Silicium Articulasil 1L
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    Vitasil - Silicium Veinasil Gel 225ml
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    Vitasil - Silicum Gel for Spots & Acne 30ml
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