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2 Halogene light bulbs 28W 430 GU10

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Xxcell - 2 Halogene light bulbs 28W 430 GU10
2 Halogene light bulbs 28W 430 GU10
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Item number : 1XXCE0054
Because light is as involved in the development and the atmosphere of a home as a couch, Eco-Halogen bulbs combine technological innovation and aesthetic function, so that your house becomes a reassuring cocoon.
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Fitting - GU 10

Electric power consumption: only 28 watts, equivalent to a power of 35 Watt incandescent.

- Saves up to 30% energy.

- Average life 2 000 hours (2 years)

Energy-European Label: Class C and D

Standard-compliant (based on the reduction of environmentally hazardous substances standard)

About Xxcell:

Xxcell offers efficient alternative solutions to incandescent bulbs, developing a whole range of energy saving bulbs.

Environmentally conscious and responsible, Xxcell wishes to minimize the energy impact on our planet and preserve our well-being.
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Customer reviews: (2 reviews)

Posted by Maria on 2/2/13

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Posted by Christophe on 5/9/12

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