Air quality analysis kit

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Zayho - Air quality analysis kit
Air quality analysis kit
Air quality analysis kit

These kits are deliberately very simple and easy to use (Indications on water quality in less than a minute - except for coliform test). Our tests all include a very detailed manual mode.  

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These tests measure the exposure to ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, toluene, trichlorethylene.

They also measure exposure to Methylamine, Trimethylamine Acéthaldéhyde, Furfural, Butanone, Benzene, Xylene, Cumene, Chlorine, Dichloroethylene, hydrigène Chloride, Tetrachloroethylene.

It includes:
- A tube for Ammonia Analysis (indirect readout: Methylamine, Trimethylamine)
- A tube nitrogen dioxide analysis
- A tube for Formaldehyde (indirect readout: Acéthaldéhyde, Furfural and Butadone) analysis
- A tube for Toluene (indirect readout: Benzene, Xylene, Cumene, Styrene) analysis
- A tube for Trichloroethylene (indirect readout: Chlorine, dichloroethylene, hydrogen chloride, tetrachlorethylene) analysis
- A manual and a booklet of measurements

About Zayho:

The objective of Zayho products is to allow every individual to answer this vital question: Is my health, and the health of my loved ones in danger on a daily basis?

Discover Zayho products line: water test kits, soil testing kits, lead test kits... and many more!
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